Coming in 2014 "She and Politics"

She and Politics Film

Written and directed by kick boxing and karate champion Rami Kaddoura and produced and shot by veteran filmmaker Isaac Belot with the Bass and Brass team, "She and Politics" is a an action political film, written and produced between 2009 and 2014, with urban settings and mafia neo noir elements.

Pictures from the Set
Nader Kaddoura
She and Politics Set Michel Tabet
She and Politics Night Set
Yara Fares She and Politics Training
She and Politics Set Makram Barakat She and Politics Set Bass & Brass She and Politics
She and Politics Set She and Politics Set She and Politics Set
Movie Stills
Yara Fares as Jihan Nasr Nadim Laham as Saeid Bek Micheal Tabet as Minister Refaat Bek Ayman Timnani head kick Imad Menhem punch
Micheal Tabet with Nadim Laham Yara Fares training Jihan Z Yara Fares shoulder press Nader Kaddoura in Convoy
Jihan Nasr Night Revenge Jihan pistol fight Yara Fares Lifting Yara Fares as Jihan Nasr Convoy Attack